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Moving Services for Production Equipment and Precision Instruments

Our skilled staff with the experience and expertise will work together with customers from the early planning stages to provide economical and rational yet optimized transport, installation and setting services necessary to work ahead in the increasingly globalized business environment.

Hitachi Transport System provides comprehensive solutions ranging from single-unit moving of precision instruments, physical and chemical appliances, and medical equipment; to moving of plants, laboratories, and factory lines.

Our service best fits the following customers:

The services are right for customers considering launching a plant or new equipment overseas:
  • ・ Customers who are concerned about their first-time operations overseas
  • ・ Customers who seek support with unfamiliar regulations
  • ・ Customers planning a systematic launch of a new plant or an introduction of new equipment

Outline of Services

Hitachi Transport System offers local research and consulting; support in acquiring licenses, approvals and certifications (permit for importing used equipment, certification of importing electronics equipment, etc.); domestic dismantlement and packing services, overseas local setting and observation, among other services backed by its extensive global network.

Hitachi Transport System global network

Hitachi Transport System global network

Joint efforts from the Global network and domestic network enable collective management of our worldwide logistics operations.

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