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Moving Services

With rich experience in the field, we propose an optimal plan for relocation of all types of businesses and buildings including offices, factories, research facilities, hospitals, and schools, both in Japan and overseas. Besides the relocation of businesses, we also offer our service to households upon extensive consultation and planning.

Total management of the office relocation process consisting of selection of the relocation destination, planning, construction (information/communication facilities, security, etc.), and moving, is made possible with the aggregate faculty of the Hitachi Group.

Our service best fits the following customers:

  • Customers planning to move (offices, warehouses, factories, research facilities, libraries, hospitals, etc).
  • Customers that manage relocations
  • Manufacturers (fixtures, equipment, etc.)
  • Customers who must relocate temporarily due to anti-seismic reinforcement, etc.
  • Customers looking for a partner in relocation

Outline of Services

We offer a wide range of moving services both domestically and internationally.

  • Offices: government and other public offices, schools, hospitals, financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, and general businesses.
  • Warehouses: manufacturers, distribution industry, etc.
  • Factories: manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, etc.
  • Research facilities: science universities, national research centers, medical businesses, manufacturers, etc.
  • Libraries: public library, school libraries, etc.
  • Hospitals: national and public hospitals, private hospitals, etc.

Moving Process

Moving Process

Additional Services

Reuse/Recycle Service (Moving + Reuse/Recycle)
We make effective use of (reuse) your unneeded articles, and dispose (recycle) waste in an efficient and proper manner.
Security Moving Service (Moving + Security)
Asset management is ensured by preventing losses, unintended exposure, and delivery errors through the checking process.
Server Moving Service (Moving + Security + Precision Instruments)
We prevent exposure and leakage of the server in the moving process by using barcode management system and keeping track of vehicle locations using GPS. The real-time tracking system can also give you a peace of mind.
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