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Exhibit and Artworks Logistics

When working on an event or exhibition, safety, efficiency, and speediness are indispensable given the limited timeframe and space. Hitachi Transport System tailors to your needs flexibly and globally by packaging, storing, transporting, installing, unloading, and loading the valuable exhibits and artworks in a safe, reliable and swift manner.

Our service best fits the following customers:

  • Customers who require packaging, transportation, and temporary storage of models or artworks.
  • Customers who plan to transport large-scale equipment into exhibition sites.
  • Customers who plan to go on tour with an exhibition for event.

Outline of Services

After careful and scrupulous preparation, our highly experienced and skilled staff will safely and securely transport, store and display valuable paintings, sculptures, cultural properties, and craftworks using a special vehicle and packaging.

Outline of Services
  • Our high-quality packing design and technology will protect your precious assets.
  • Efficient transport of a wide range of exhibits are made possible with various types of specialized vehicles.
  • We cater to various needs including installation, removal, packing and transporting for expositions and exhibitions.
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