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3PL Services (Logistics System)


Procurement Logistics Services
We take care of everything from picking up and storing parts/materials to delivering them to production line.
Production Logistics Services
We offer human resource and know-how in factory logistics and shipping control to support customer's production.
Sales Logistics Services
We offer high quality services including inventory control,entry and dispatching control as a total system.
Reverse Logistics Services
We support recovery, recycling and disposal as well as procurement, production and sales.
Collaborative Logistics within the Same Industry
We offer cooperated storage and the delivery service for two or more companies in the same industry.

About 3PL Services

The distribution industry has undergone significant transformations over the past several years. Today, all industries, be it manufacturing, wholesale or retail, are beginning to outsource logistics operations in an effort to lower costs and improve quality of service.
Since the mid 1980´s we have been promoting an innovative solution to logistics services where lower costs and improved efficiency are achieved using information systems that coordinate and manage procurement of material and parts, production in factories, and sales activities. This comprehensive package of service, once called "Logistics Systems" is now known as "Third Party Logistics (3PL) and is rapidly increasing in demand.

Conceptual diagram of the global logistics system at work

An example of the global logistics system at work


Features of 3PL services provided by Hitachi Transport System

(1) Proposal
  • ・ Logical propositions based on various data analyses.
  • ・ Proposal and operations planning by a special team well-versed in the customers' industries.
(2) Management
  • ・ Broad experience in logistics operations for diverse industries domestically and internationally.
  • ・ Smooth launch and continuous improvement proposals by experienced staff.
(3) Technology [LE (Logistics Engineering)/IT (Information Technology)]
  • ・ Improvements brought by experts in packaging technology and logistics improvement.
  • ・ Design and development of WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) that suit our customers´ logistics needs.
(4) Global
  • ・ Launch support by staff highly versed in local logistics circumstances.
  • ・ Active investment for businesses expansion.
  • ・ International network with approximately 185 locations.

Points for success in 3PL operations

  • (1) Establish a business model for a "win-win relationship".
  • (2) Accumulate know-how to carry out accurate logistics analysis.
  • (3) Sophistication of the Global 3PL.
  • (4) Develop new services through the cooperation amongst customers.
  • (5) Strengthen logistics services through the cooperation with peer companies in the industry.
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